Legal Project Management   [Archived Catalog]
2015-2016 School of Law Academic Catalog

LAW 520 - Legal Project Management

Credits, 2 sem. hrs.
Prerequisite(s): Students must have completed sixty credit hours.

This course will investigate the reliance upon the billable hour by both law firms and clients. The course will evaluate the problems with the billable hour, including ethical considerations, and will review common complaints by clients at the various stages of the engagement. These concepts will form the baseline for a study of legal project management and the need for a more methodical and predictable approach to the management of legal matters and teams. The course will evaluate the use of these tools in small engagements, repetitive commodity engagements, electronic discovery, document review and engagements involving unique legal issues. The course will conclude with a class exercise where students will implement these techniques in a mock legal engagement. Students must have 60 credits prior to taking this course.